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60-200tons Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant

60-200tons Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant

60-200tons Steel Structure Flour Milling Plant is the wheat flour milling equipment for processing wheat 200TPD into wheat flour with steel structure. It is suitable for the plant with a capacity range of 60 to 200TPD.

Product details:
Large-sized complete set of Flour-milling Machinery with steel structure.
This series include:Model 60T, 80T, 100T, 120T, 160T, 200T ect.
This series of machinery is designed as steel structure containing square plane sifter and new style of manual/ pneumatic roller mill. They are developed and produced basing on our engineers’ hard work by absorbing the essence from the flour machinery producers all over China. With little area covered, short cycle of construction, low cost and simple structure and rapid result, they are the first choice for mid or big processing plants, where graded flour and special flour can be produced and standard flour and perfect flour can be produced in the mean time.

Technics--Technical art of flour milling system 5B, 8M, 1S, 4P, 3Br.

Technical art of wheat cleaning system 3 Sieve, 2 Scourer, 2 Dry stoner, 2 Mag-Separator, 2 Washer.

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