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Steel Structure Corn Processing Line

Steel Structure Corn Processing Line

The sample is the corn(maize) processing equipment with steel structure. For processing corn into corn flour, corn grits( separated according to different meshs). It is suitable for the corn processing plant with a capacity range of 80-150TPD. And just to adjust the machines for different capacity.

The machine adopts full steel structure, featuring handsome appearance, easy installation and small occupation. It adopts dry cleaning and advanced embryo pressing and extracting process, able to extract pure endosperm. Besides, it adopts international advanced pneumatic flour mill with stable performance and high flour yield, able to process high-quality corn grits and corn flour. The flour screening adopts efficient double-bin plansifter; the screen adopts stainless steel wire mesh, difficult for blocking. The whole machine adopts pneumatic and negative pressure transmission, not only preventing smell from leakage, but also reducing workshop dust and drying the flour in this process. The air outlet of the blower can be equipped with pulse deduster, making your working environment cleaner.

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