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Air Lock for sale,Air Lock application

Air Lock for sale,Air Lock application

1. Principle of Air Lock:
The air lock has a casting casing and a rotary wheel inside. The materials are fed from the top inlet and discharged from the bottom outlet through the rotoring wheel. The main function of jinggu air lock is shut off the aspiration air flow with the atmosphere while separating the materials from the pneumatic line or aspiration air flow.
Air lock rotary valve is also known as the rotary valve, star feeder, star discharging valve material, star unloader, star valve, rotary valve, ash discharge valve and so on. For uniform discharge or uniform feeding device in a variety of occasions, It is mostly installed under the Silo to discharge.

2. Features of JINGGU Air Lock:
- Advanced design and excellent fabricating ensure the air tighten sufficiently while the rotoring running smoothly.
- With sight glass at the inlet for a intuitionistic inspection.
- At most 7 units machine can be connected together to share a gear motor.
- Made by stainless steel, high sanitation.
- It has excellent performance through the pressure seal.
- Rotary airlock feeder (rotary valve) has the function of quantitative feeding.
- We provide 50 ~ 750mm of various size, various materials.
- The various dimensions of the aperture, can provide square or round flanged connection.
- Standard type gear motor drive (or chain driven), can choose frequency controlled .
Superior performance, durable rotary valve.

3. Application of Air Lock:
Air lock is the main equipment between pneumatic transmission and dust removal by ventilation, it is normally installed in the discharge gate of unloader or ash discharge gate of dirt catcher, it not only can continuously remove the materials from unloader or dirt catcher, but also can prevent the air coming into the unloader or dirt catcher.
TGFY series new air lock is the indispensable and important equipment in the pneumatic transmission, ventilation and dust removal; which can blown the powder or grain material on the negative pressure into atmosphere continuously. Whose main component is rotary impeller; it's not only transmission the material but also has airproof effect. It's widely used in the pneumatic transmission of the industries, such as cereal, feed, grease, chemical and storage.

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