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Air Suction Separator

Air Suction Separator

The Air Suction Separator is widely used in grain depot, feed mill, rice mill, flour mill and chemical industries for cleaning grain before entering the granary. It can remove large, medium, small and light impurities, especially straws, wheat and rice chaff, corn cob and silk etc with good cleaning effect. The machine adopts mobile operation and can be used together with conveyor belt to feed upper and lower. With compact structure, convenience, excellent cleaning efficiency, it is the ideal cleaning equipment before grain entering the granary.

Feature: Big air suction area, high efficiency and good effect.

Materials of vibratory cleaning screen
a. The machine adopts famous “SIEMENS” or “WANNAN” motor; “GEAR MOTOR” and “BAOFEI” vibrating motor.
b. The four corners of sieve are supported by imported “Austria” rubber springs.
c. The screen frame is made of steel, with at least ten years’ service life.
d. The screen deck is made of finest manganese plate or stainless steel screen mesh can be customized.
e. The cycle air separator adopts double adjusting doors and double screw conveyors, with the better effect of closing wind and discharging.

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