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Corn embryo machinery,Maize Degerminator

Corn embryo machinery,Maize Degerminator

Corn Peeling-breaking Degerminator or Corn embryo machinery,Maize Degerminator also called corn grinding mill machine and corn flour grinding machine. This machine is used for separating the germ from corn, and also sperating the skin from the maize.

The corn goes in the propelling chamber through charging regulation device where the spiral pusher conveys them to emery roll whose sharp appearance cuts the bran at a speed, making the corns particles rub against the sieve plate, so as to dehull the materials.

The outlet is equipped with air suction inlet to further cool down corns and clean the finished product for the second time. With special structure set, making the distance between the conical rotor and stator adjustable, so the stress intensity of work can be changed to adapt to various demands for corn processing. The body and baseboard of the machine are built with high-strength cast iron to increase the stability of the equipment to meet and the production requirements of superstrength.

This corn processing machine can finish corn peeling, corn breaking and corn degerming, and it has low power consumption to increase economic benefit of corn processing plant. We can get the whole corn germ, and removed corn root cap separately after processing.

It also can be working with other machines in the corn processing line for screening, grinding and selecting the mixed corn materials to avoid black bran speck appeared in other machines of the corn processing line, improving the production rate and final production quality.

Corn Peeling-breaking Degerminator or Corn embryo machinery is main parts for corn flour mill plant, and reduce the fat content for the corn products, and making health products.

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