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Purifier for flour mill equipment

Purifier for flour mill equipment

Purifier for flour mill equipment is used for removing the dust from maize, corn or wheat. And pulse dust collector adopts excellent design and scientific method to provide high efficency working.

FQFD49*3*2 flour purifier series are developed by absorbing the advantages of others.

The product has the following performances and features:
1.Adopting vibrating motor transmission structure. Ideal separating and screening effect is achieved through vibrating, air and filtering. The filtering rate and ash content reduction rate are unparallel to other equipment.
2.Adopting cleaning brush to clean the screen surface. Reliable and excellent surface cleaning effect.
3.The supporting points and swinging points adopt rubber spring and rubber bearing, requiring no lubricant and featuring balanced movement, vibration isolation, durability and no noise.
4.The total air quantity and every wind chamber can be adjusted, effectively controlling the air drafting of each wind chamber.
5.The synchronous vibration of screen body, divider body and conveying trough makes the vibrating system balanced.
6.The feeding system has reliable distributing mechanism, able to guarantee the balance of the materials when entering screening state.
7.Both the oversize and residue have governor mechanism, able to conveniently control the material flowing direction according to the process requirements.
8.Adopting excellent design, featuring reasonable structure, effective dustproof measures, low failure rate and quite convenient inspection, maintenance and adjustment.

Purifier for flour mill equipment Models:
FQFD49*3*2 Output: 800( fine flour)-2,800(midding flour)kg/h
FQFD59*3*2 Output: 1,000( fine flour)-3,400(midding flour)kg/h

Purifier for flour mill equipment main technical parameters

Type Capacity T/H Power KW Air volume㎡ Size MM
FQFD-H49*2*3 coarse 0.7-1.4 2*0.18 20-35 2730*1135*1520
slimsy 0.3-0.7
FQFD-H49*2*3 coarse 1.4-2.8 2*0.18 40-70 2730*1135*1500
slimsy 0.6-1.4
FQFD-H60*2*3 coarse 1.6-3.2 2*0.25 50-85 2730*1500*1800
slimsy 1.0-1.6

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