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Turkey-project flour mill equipment

Turkey-project flour mill equipment

Maize is the most important grain crop in South Africa, turkey-project flour mill equipment is popular in this areas. Maize processing machine and can extract 80% of the flour from maize grits. BS Model Flour Mill can be installed the maize processing line and also used for wheat, rice, coffee and other grains.

Maize grinder machine specification 400,500,600 applied in the flour milling plant with a capacity less than 100TPD.
1.Manual clutch
2.Support the use of taper roller bearings, for easy removal.
3.It's mainly used in the huge flour project of daily output more than 100 tons,
it's also used in the breakage and grinding of other materials.

Maize/corn flour mills Feature:
1. The lower half of the machine uses the high-strength cast iron, the upper part is made of high quality steel
by laser cutting carbon dioxide protection welding, with good stability, good cushioning effect.
2. Pneumatic pressure automatic control, pulse signal. Unique hanging servo feeding mechanism.
The stroke valve imports U.S. Parker products, so it has a high sensitivity,the unit can achieve centralized control.
3. Achieving the best grinding effect with cylinder feeding tube of acrylic high transparent Plexiglass.
4. Roller through strict quality inspection and the dynamic balance treatment, no vibration, low noise,
smooth operation.
5. Roller bearings with Swedish SKF, and installed Swedish special butter, low noise, long service life.
6. The parts surface of flour milling machine adopts the pure manganese black phosphate treatment,
covers a protective film so that it is bright and not fade.
7. The painting of mechanical housing surface uses the automotive paint,
so that the whole is delicate and beautiful.

Turkey-project flour mill equipment main data

Model BS 2540 BS 2550 BS 2560
Roller(D×L)mm Φ250×400 Φ250×500 Φ250×600
Roller range D Φ220 ~ Φ250
Speed ratio 2.5:1 1.5:1 1.25:1
D of feeding roller Φ75
Drive belt of fast and flow rollers RPP8M ~ 1520
Drive belt of motor B type L ≤2300
Power(kw) 5.5-11 5.5-11 5.5-15
D of liftting pipe(mm) Φ70-Φ110 Φ70-Φ120 Φ70-Φ120
Outside size and weight(kg)

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