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Wheat Bran Finisher,Bran Finisher

Wheat Bran Finisher,Bran Finisher

Wheat Bran Finisher is used to brush wheat bran, the main function is to reduce the flour from bran to improve the flour extraction.

Wheat bran finisher used in the bran finishing of mid-way, deal with the flour of soybran flakes on the buffing cribble, reduce the load of back way, it’s propitious to the rubbing and sieving and alleviate the power consumption at the same time. This machine use in the buffing of back way and the bran screened by the flat screen, and reduce the powder content of bran ulteriorly.

The Main Structure and Work Principle
Bran finisher made up of rack, screen drum, hit wooden board type rotor and feed inlet, discharge case and flour extraction funnel. See the structure chart (1)&(2) for details.
After the material come into the screen drum from the rotor tangential of feed inlet, under the agitation of the rotor hit wooden board, compelled the bran strike the back wall board and sieve plate, make the flour of the bran separated from bran step by step. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the flour join into the powder funnel through sieve pore; under the volution drive formed by the torsional angle of hit wooden board, the bran pushed to the products outlet.
The rotor made up of axes, agitation seat and hit wooden board. The hit wooden board fixed on the agitation seat, whose lashing eye is slot hole, it can adjust the gyration diameter of the rotor hit wooden board, which can adjust the impact force of agitation. The less clearance and more impact force. Whose clearance is 12-22mm in general, but can’t less than 9mm.
The screen drum is the half-cycle and eight-square made up of flat steel and sieve plate. The hem of screen drum can prohibit the material continuous running along with rotor and increase the sieving effect. The half-cycle and eight-surface sieve plate has the flexibility, there are some vibrations during the operation; avoid the jam of sieve pore.

Wheat Bran Finisher Structure:
Bran finisher is composed of brush combination,none-frame round sieve,drive mechanism,feed hopper,bran discharging opening,flour discharging opening roll-gap adjustment mechanism,support,motor.

Features of Wheat Bran Finisher:
- Advanced design and excellent fabricating.
- Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.
- The rotor’s beaters are adjustable.
- Different screen perforated openings for different requirements.
- Cleaning the bran and get commercially usable flour.
- Individual drive with lower power requirement.
- Used for removing adhering flour particles from the bran, to increase flour yield at the mill.
- Higher flour yield, easy maintenance , maximum flexibility.

Wheat Bran Finisher main data

Type Sieve Barrel(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Size(mm) (mm)
FFPD 45*1 1050 1.3-1.5 5.5 1700*640*1620 ≥9
FFPD 45*2 1050 2.6-3.0 5.5*2 1700*1300*1620 ≥9

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