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Noodles Roller,industrial noodles roller

Noodles Roller,industrial noodles roller

Noodles roller mainly install in the noodle making machine for tabletting and cutting noodle, and it is necessary piece of noddle making machine. Industrial noodle roller can be divided into noodle cutter roller and instant noodle roller etc.

Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co.,Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of rollers. The "Roller R&D Center" successfully finished the scientific research task of state by new material, new technology and new craft. The company has been responsible for drafting the standard of roller products. All kinds of rollers could be found here, such as high alloy roller, pastern making roller, plastic roller, steel rolling roller, paper making roller, foodstuff roller, oil making roller, feedstuff roller, sugar making roller, shelling roller and so on. Some bigs rollers which single roller's weight is more than 20 Tons. All these products have been exported to American,Europe and so on.

The special large roller chromium plating equipment could offer the surface hard-chromium plating service for the customer and manufacturers.

The roller series: Milling roller, Feeding roller, Foodstuff roller, Tobacco leaf roller, stone crushing roller, medicine roller, Steel rolling roller, Aluminum model material roller, Metal mold forrging roller, Paper making roller, Printing macine roller, Noodles roller, Plastic covering roller, Steel plating roller and all kinds of carrying rollers etc. It provides all kinds of rare, lack, special, expensive rollers and import replacing rollers.

If the customer want some special rollers, we can manufacture the rollers according to the details drawing from the customer.

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