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Electronic balance,Electronic digital weighing balance

Electronic balance,Electronic digital weighing balance

Electronic balance mainly used with packaging machine for flour mill plant, mainly can be divided into 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and etc.

An electronic balance is a device also called weigh machine used to find accurate measurements of weight. Electronic balances may also be used to weigh wheat/maize/bean/rice to produce high quality wheat/maize/bean/rice flour etc.

Large scale electronic digital weighing balance has fluent and novel appearance as well as design which brings faster weighing response. Unique metal base and mechanical structure guarantee high stability and strong anti-interference performance. AC/DC is exchangeable for portability and field operation.

Electronic Balance Feature:
Unique design allows high stability.
Backlight LCD display brings more comfortable visual sense to users.
Built-in RS232C output interface.
AC/DC exchangeable.
Multiple functions: including unit conversion, auto-counting, percentage, multi-point calibration, memory and food weights.
Built-in RS232C output interface makes the balance can connect with external equipment such as computer and printer.
High precision & fast response, large LCD white screen.
Multiple weighing units: G, Ct, Oz, Dwt etc.
Checking weight and alarm, the limitation of weight scope could be adjustable.
Automatic calibration of weights, with function of count and percentage weighing.
Stainless pan, stainless poling. Angle and position can be adjustable.
Display screen and balance pan can be separated in 1 meter.

There will be about 10g deviation in Electronic balance, With the electronic developing, the electronic digital weighing balance is very accurate.

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